Pathmark Billiards is one of the few manufacturers of billiard tables that actually makes them right here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We use only the finest Canadian rock maple, USA red oak, and other hardwoods grown and low-fire kiln dried in North America. Because of the exceptional quality of the materials we use, we are able to use true rub stains and finish with countless coats of lacquer. In addition, we also provide custom stain matches for no extra charge so that your games room is truly yours alone.

In addition to the models shown on our website, we can also build virtually any other model or design desired and we also offer exceptional pricing and quality. Almost all other retailers purchase their tables through other companies and resell them. This results in higher prices since both parties charge a significant markup. At Pathmark, we are the manufacturer and we sell directly to the public, resulting in lower prices and no middlemen. Plus, our state of the art three dimensional CNC machine ensures precision manufacturing.

The vast majority of pool tables are made in China. Even the big name manufacturers are made overseas for cost savings. And most of the companies that claim their products are made in the US have the components made in China and assemble them in the US. As long as 30% of the work on the table is done in the US, they can put a stamp on them saying they are made there. As a result, the components are made from materials that grow in the region that they are made in. Common materials used in China are birch (filled to look like maple), tulip wood, and rubber wood (looks like oak). They are then spray finished to look nice; unfortunately, they don’t stay looking good for long since when the wood expands and contracts in our climate and the finish chips off and the wood cracks. None of those materials even come close to the quality that is found in trees grown and cured in North America.