A ping-pong table is a great addition to any rec room, providing fun for players of any age and skill level. At Pathmark Billiards, we know our tables, providing ping pong tables in the Calgary area and beyond. If you’re considering buying a ping pong table for your home (or perhaps even office), there are a few things to consider before making a final purchase.


  • What’s your game? Something to consider first is who will make the most use of the table? A player practicing for competitive play has different requirements than a group of kids playing just to have fun. Unless you’re aiming to become the next world champion, buying a more affordable basic model might be a better choice than springing for a more costly high-end model.
  • Standing or going? There are several options when it comes to ping pong tables. A folding model will make storage a cinch, and allow a player to practice solo. If you don’t plan to move the table regularly, a stationary model will give you a more stable base. However, having your table on wheels will make it a lot easier to move the table around regularly.
  • How thick a table? For the most part, unless you’re a professional player, you’ll notice little difference between one table’s thickness, and another. Still, having a table that’s at least 3/4” will provide better control of a ball’s bounce. If you plan on using a table outdoors, getting a resin or aluminum table will prove more durable.
  • Is this on the level? Make sure the table you wish to buy has a levelled top, with no sign of warping or bending. You can eyeball it from the side, or use a level to be sure. Likewise, getting a table with built-in levelers in the legs can help keep the table flat and on the level over time.
  • The devil in the details. Sweat the small stuff! Make sure the table has a nice, smooth finish. A net with padded attachments will help keep your table free of scratches and scuffs. Double-check the edges of the table; make sure they are free of any defects that could snag clothing or cut someone’s fingers.

Quality tables and expert advice

A ping pong table will bring hours of fun to kids and adults, and if maintained with a bit of care, will do so for many years. Pathmark Billiards has a great selection of custom ping pong tables, including the perfect one for you and your family! Visit our website, or give us a call!