Nominated by customers and chosen by customers as, "The Best Place in Alberta to Buy a Pool Table"

- Community Treasures of Alberta,
  Morgan and Chase Publishing


   I wish to thank Rob, Joe and Jerome for the service and extraordinary attention to ensuring my needs and wishes were exceeded during the purchase and installation of my Pathmark table.

   Rob was able to satisfy my every request with consideration and grace . I am totally satisfied with the service and attention I received during the process. The table was shipped and installed at a distant location for a very reasonable fee .

   I cannot express how happy I am with the beautifully crafted and installed table I received. Joe and his partner installed my table with great competence and attention to detail. I was amazed at how they moved and worked together with minimum wasted motion. The installation was accomplished and any packing cleaned up in no time.

   All in all a very pleasant experience dealing with Pathmark and I now have fulfilled a long standing desire to have a beautiful pool table installed at my cabin .

   Thank you

   Archie Clark


Hey Rob hope you are having a fabulous day.


I just wanted to take the moment to thank you and all your staff, Jerome, Joe, Derwin, Mindy and yourself for all the help that you have been with us.  Our pool table is amazing the kids and staff love it. 

The guys were very professional and very easy to work with.  They represent your company outstandingly.



Respectfully Yours,

Peggie Barnhill 

Youth Program Coordinator


Hi David.  Joe showed me pictures of your situation, sorry to see it.  

Don’t worry about the cost of the disassembly, you have enough on your plate.



thank you so much

gestures like yours regarding disassembly make my day - truly.

thanks again

Dave Sadler



We were just floored at the fit, size wise, and décor wise.  No complaints.

Thanks again Rob.


Thanks Rob. Job well done. Guys were great and the table looks super. Nice to know a few people live up to their word still.


Just a quick thanks to Rob for building me a beautiful pool table that should give years of enjoyment. I have had several comments on the quality and finish. The installers were very careful not to damage my hardwood floors and took the time to perfectly level the table. Definitely the best table I've played on. Thanks again, Brian Anonby

Hi guys,


Just wanted to let you know that I still love my table and the upsell on the Canadian leather cover was sooooo worth it!  Hope business is strong! Great quality table in my  opinion.


Al Bratz